ATEC Project Wins 5th Best Paper and Best Presenter on 2nd Internal Technical Symposium

August 10, 2022

The technical paper entry of Assembly and BU-PSG titled “Elimination of Disturbed Wire in SOIC8 and SOIC16 Packages” topped this year’s field of 10 finalists from 7 departments. The symposium held last 02-03 August 2022 offered a broad range of applications in the areas of assembly and test engineering and new product development including a pioneering case study on machine learning.

Sponsored by the site’s Culture Team led by Ric Malong and TEC chaired by Dr. Manny Ramos, the Internal Technical Symposium is an avenue designed to promote a culture of innovation, excellence, and shared learning among the site’s engineering community. The winners and finalists in this annual event earn the privilege of representing Carmona in external conferences like the ASEMEP National Technical Symposium and the corporate LSS Symposium.