ATEC Connectivity acquire state-of-the-art selective soldering machine erza ecoselect 4

May 28, 2018

First of its kind in the Philippines, the Erza Ecoselect 4 was commissioned last May, 2018 at ATEC Connectivity’s manufacturing facility.

The compact ECOSELECT 4 selective soldering system is ideal for small to medium-sized series demanding a high degree of flexibility. The ECOSELECT 4 features include:

• the latest VERSAFLOW technology;

• a high-quality roller feed for maximum PCB dimensions of 508 x 508 mm and can be used in batch or inline operation as required

• the optional power convection which ensures optimum homogenous warming even with difficult components.

• equipped with a programmable precision spray fluxer for precise and economical flux application in dot or single line application with integrated spray jet control.

• a new double-pot system that can be flexibly moved and adjusted in y/z-direction and different-sized nozzles can be used, for example, to solder connector strips quickly using a large-sized nozzle, whereas difficult-to-reach joints can be soldered with a very fine nozzle.

• an innovative and user-friendly software enables machine operation more intuitive, with the picture-in-picture function (PIP) combined with a process monitoring camera.

The decision to invest in state-of-the-art equipment like the Erza Ecoselect 4, is ATEC Connectivity’s commitment to provide the best manufacturing service to its customers. These investments simply results in better and more reliable processes that our customers have come to expect from ATEC Connectivity.