Our Markets

With the advancement of technologies and the increased growing market the semiconductor and electronic manufacturing services industries play an important role to continuously expand its scope and its relevance in terms of providing fast, convenient, and seamless high-quality packages in several key industries. As a key component and contributor in Semiconductor and Connectivity businesses, ATEC continues to seamlessly provide assembly, test and co-development with our customers to provide Awesome Customer Service (ACE) support to its roster of high-caliber clients around the world.

ATEC’s key business servicing sectors include industries such as Automotive, Medical, Broadband Wireless, Satellite Communications, Industrial, and Internet of Things. The growing demand with various applications and highly capable team driving ATEC’s vision in creating business models to aid its clients in their specific market requirements.


The creative and digital disruption within the automotive industry is one of the most radical developments in the automotive manufacturing history.

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Broadband Wireless

Greater dependence and robust consumer demand for wireless communications and technology are gaining the foothold in today’s global digital environment.

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Satellite Communications

Satellite communications as a technological process has a major impact and role in the daily lives of individuals and communities across the globe.

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The medical and healthcare market plays a big role in the life of everyone.

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Large-scale productions across several industries are driven by the demands from growing consumer markets.

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Internet of Things

Technologies are not just developing; they are becoming more integrated and interconnected.

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