The creative and digital disruption within the automotive industry is one of the most radical developments in the automotive manufacturing history. Vehicles are becoming more complex but at the same time more integrated into multi-platform technologies and digital channels. With the current pace of automotive integration the semiconductor requirements for the automotive industry takes an innovation of its own to match the demand for automotive advancement.

Semiconductor technologies and services play a great role in supporting the development of the automotive industry. Considering the shift of direction towards the to support safety, digital platform, LED and sensors, the need for customized semiconductor products and services is projected to increase in demand.

As the automotive industry continues to develop, with its largest market in North America and its fastest growing market in the Asia and the Pacific, the demand and provision for more environment-friendly electric vehicles, highly connected cars, and safer autonomous vehicles will also increase. Correspondingly, the development and enhancement of semiconductor technologies such as graphics processing units (GPUs), advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), infotainment, geo-mapping, and sensory equipment will be more and more crucial among other applications in the transition of the automotive industry towards a more digital ecosystem.

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